Friday, 29 November 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox...

I hadn't meant to intentionally buy this many fox related items, but I received a few discounts (namely a 20% off birthday discount from ASOS.) I first lusted over this smock fox print dress from ASOS over on The Londoner and then on A Rosie Outlook. I did have a fear that it wouldn't suit me, will I look ridiculous in a smock?, should I go a size down - as smock dresses are notoriously over sized. I needn't have worried though because it is the most universally flattering dress and pretty darn seasonally appropriate too. 

I no longer have misconceptions about smock dresses. Adore.

The foxy mittens? Seemingly completely sold out online, but I'm sure you could find them in your local H&M - if you're more of a cat person, they are still in stock online however.

I didn't particularly need a coin purse but I figured, why the eff would I not buy a fox coin purse, whilst buying a fox print dress? It's from New Look, but I picked mine up at ASOS here. They also have a racoon version too. Because yes. 

If you're wondering - H&M have a few codes floating around, 25% off your most expensive item in the basket (0560) and £5 off (1304) your order, minimum spend is £11 - sometimes if your amount is 'too low' it won't let you use both however.

What have you been buying recently?


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