Thursday, 28 November 2013

KORRES Lip Butter

There are just some products that remain embedded in your memories - whether you've read them on blogs countless times, or have seen rave reviews on a website - or your friends pestering you that you really have to get this, it's amazing.

Well, one that stuck out one particular day whilst finishing up shopping on ASOS was the Korres Lip Butter which had been in my 'save for later' section for a while, but I'd completely forgotten about. In the basket it went.

Korres is a brand I've dabbled with time to time - you can notoriously pick up their stuff from TK Maxx for a fraction of the cost, and I've taken quite a fancy to some of their shower/body products in the past. 

I find that when you buy a lip product that has a bit of tint to it, either the colour pay off is amazing or the actual moisturising/nourishing benefits of the lip balm is insane - not one or the other. With the 'flavour' or 'shade' Quince - you not only get a really lovely hint of colour (completely buildable, by the by,) that doesn't leave lips feeling sticky but instead leaves them feeling extremely moisturised and feeling pretty well protected from the elements.

For the time being, this is perfect for this time of year when you might want just a hint of colour but thoroughly moisturised lips. They have a few shades/flavours available and you can pick them up here.

Have you tried the Korres Lip Butters?


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  1. Sounds great! I've been meaning to try one of these lip butters for ages :) Just found your blog & following you now.


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