Saturday, 30 November 2013

This Week | instagram #39

 It's a good read! // My nephew trapping Poppy, but she loves it.
 Little things // Cute level? Sky rocketed!
Standard duck face // I assisted my niece make a volcano.

It has been one of those weeks where I've had to get a lot done, but other things have interrupted them and I was left feeling like even though I eventually managed to complete the tasks - I was still feeling as if there should have been more done (there should have been,) and now I feel a little out of the loop. Do you ever have those confusing weeks?

My nephew is 13 (pictured above) - nearly ten years my junior (it's my birthday in a week or so!) and he is approximately a foot taller than me. I am pretty much average height but nothing has made me feel like such a shorty than watching him grow. He's pretty smug about it too. 

This weekend will be reserved for catching up on little things like tidying and other work, plus hopefully a nice walk tomorrow with a little bit of filming thrown in. Although today we'll be waiting in for Josh's PS4. If your fella is still trying to get one, don't forget places like Argos (and department stores, but the price is usually hella high!)

Here's to an amazing weekend!


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  1. our cousins are so much taller than us too! Even though we're considered average, we feel so tiny next to them


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