Thursday, 21 November 2013

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette

I couldn't resist posting a review on this palette, I had to. It's only been two days since my post on the Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit box, however I now understand why so many people rave about these palettes... Worth the hype? Most definitely!

As mentioned, I received the palette in 'Foxy' which is aimed more at brunettes (lucky, as that is my natural colour,) but they also have a palette for blondes (Bombshell,) and very dark brown/black hair (Vamp,) all of which come with a 'nude' shade and a 'carbon' shade, although from swatches these all look slightly different depending on the palette. 'Foxy' also comes with two brown 'toner' shades, one warm and one darker shade.

Obviously, if you wanted a 'vampy' look with this palette, there is nothing from stopping you using the 'carbon' shade on your eyebrows either, but my preference is the dark brown shade pictured above on my ring finger - it is literally the perfect colour match for my brows. However, you can also mix the shades together to create your perfect shade. 

The powders are buttery soft, but have the staying power like no other shadow I've used - used as an eye shadow they are beautiful too. Although the staying power is amazing and there is literally no fall out - once you come to take your make up off? A dream to remove. It's like magic. The shadows are also seriously pigmented so a light hand is key, especially if you're new to filling in eyebrows. Once you've applied lightly, you can then layer up.

All in all this is a beautiful palette - and one that I will gladly purchase again once mine runs out.

Have you tried the HD Brows Eye & Brow palette?


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