Sunday, 3 November 2013

October | Notes

Another month has gone by; time is a pretty fickle friend isn't it? Seriously - it seems like yesterday I was ordering Joshua's birthday cake. And that was in February. Crazy business. If you feel like reading a ramble, go get yourself a cup of tea/coffee and let's catch up!

Last month I mentioned I still hadn't had my M.R.I scan, well I finally got it done and got the results too. Apparently I have a spinal disc bulge - which is pretty common and nothing sinister - which is great. I do feel like a weight has been lifted but at the same time starting to worry about how long I'm going to be off work for and whether people are judging me for it, I don't know maybe I'm being stupid. The people around me are crazy supportive though and I'm keeping up with physio and all it's exercises. I do get fed up though and down, of course, from being cooped up. 

I am getting out of the house, of course, and I'm making sure I'm walking the dogs at least once a day; the only problem it has to be on flat land so it doesn't make my back ache too much afterwards.

On a brighter note; I also mentioned my To-Do list was halfway done. It still is only half way done, the only thing remaining to buy is a few bits from Ikea - but Christmas and my Spain funds comes before that. I wish the nearest Ikea wasn't two hours away! The delivery costs are about the same as how much it would take to get there in my car even if I could stand the two hour journey with my back (£9+) but I think the first things I'll be buying are the black frames, storage boxes and the door knobs from Zara Home. I'll keep you updated because it was seriously fun doing that little DIY/make over.

Autumn and Winter clothing is pretty much all bought, any items that needed replacing have nearly been replaced - I even have some fetching (not really) thermal tops for the moors... Needless to say the other pieces are a tad more stylish; light fine knits in various colours, stripey pieces and a few tartan wears too. I also picked up the jacket I wanted in the H&M sale! It was 24.99 down to £15 - then with discount codes I got it for £12.90 - free delivery. Highlight of my week, that was. ;)

I do need to replace my jeans and get some new wellies (Devon life, hollah,) but then I am completely set. Organized this year - I'm pretty amazed myself.

Uni work took a little slip when I got ill; but I'm still working away at it. I know it's refreshingly different at the moment but I took a cheeky peek at the coming months work and it will be challenging! I'm looking forward to the challenge though - at the moment it's one of the things saving me from going completely insane. 

Last but not least; I also made the most amazing, most awaited purchase - ever! I've been waiting for Google to release their new phone, the Nexus 5, for a flipping age! I was using my old Samsung Jet - and now the Nexus 5 is here, it's being delivered as I type this. I got the white one, so I'm over the effing moon!

All in all, October was mildly productive and just a little bit splurgy too. I'm hoping that November will be a little more productive, and I'll actually get the bits needed to finish off the room. I'm also hoping for some nice chilly walks on the moors, followed by soups and hot chocolate. It's the simple things, right?

How was your October?


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