Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Brand | Super Facialist

One brand I simply cannot get enough of, simply because they knock it out of the park when it comes to skincare is the Super Facialist by Una Brennan range...
I first heard of the brand when Kate from gh0stparties was singing the praises of the Rose Intense Moisture Mask, and since then I have been a complete goner. Every single product I've used so far has been a joy to use and it really does give results - at a really great price too.

So firstly, the different ranges. There's Rose, which is aimed at more dry and sensitive skin, then Tea Flower which is for deep cleaning and aimed at mostly oily/combination skin types. Neroli is for firming, so more suitably aimed at older skin and lastly is the Vitamin C+ range; which aims to brighten so people with perhaps dull and lackluster skin would greatly benefit. 

The thing I noticed though is that even though I have dry to sensitive skin, it doesn't mean the other ranges are strictly off limits and they will cause a flare up of sensitivity. Which is great of course, if you're having a bad skin day - you can swap and change depending on what your skin needs. 

For instance, I adore the Tea Flower clay mask for a serious deep cleanse once or twice a week, and the Neroli gel cleanser is really gorgeous too; an almost creamy gel that melts down make up beautifully but I prefer to use it in the mornings - my skin looks so different after using this little gem, so it's a complete god send. 

I've also tried the Neroli serum - that's really great for hydrating (it contains that ever lovely hyaluronic acid,) and reducing fine lines and giving an overall brighter complexion. 

Two other cleansers I've tried, one from the Rose/Hydrate range and one from the Vitamin C+/Brighten range. The rose cleanser is so gorgeous, creamy and smells effing brilliant. That's another thing I love about the range too - the rose actually smells like roses, not turkish delight. Anyway, the cleanser is so soothing and hydrating and perfect for evenings - this is one of those products that I don't think I could ever be without now. 

The Vitamin C+ Micro polish is a gel like consistency with little micro beads that literally polish the skin - this is great if you have skin that leans to the dull side of things - I particularly enjoyed using this when I was ill, it really made me look alive as opposed to death warmed up. I used this everyday in the mornings during my testing to see if a scrub would cause a flare up of sensitivity/redness, it didn't. People with extremely sensitive skin however, might find it more beneficial to use this perhaps two-three times a week. I find I don't need to use it seven days a week, in any case. Two to three days work perfectly - plus the Neroli cleanser is brightening without the beads.

So, if you can tell, I have a lot of love for the Super Facialist line! I hope there will be some toners added - that would be fun to try out. Next on my wishlist? That Vitamin C+ serum please!

You can buy the Super Facialist range at Boots, where it's currently a third off! 

Have you tried anything from the Super Facialist range?


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