Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nails | Autumn/Winter

There is nothing I love more than (anally) organizing my nail polish collection on the best of days; factor in new seasons and then I'm a goner for at least an hour with my ikea storage. This year, I couldn't narrow it down to five - some aren't easily available anymore, some I've found ridiculously cheap online (but still great quality,) and so without further ado, my personal choice of seven Autumn/Winter ready nail polishes...

First up is the Rimmel Lycra Pro in Hot List (99p here,) This is a pain to photograph with this pesky Autumn light, but it is the most gorgeous shade of mauve/grey/purple I've ever seen. It looks chic on the nails and is probably acceptable in your work place too. It goes without saying, Rimmel polishes last ages on the nails with decent base coat/top coat combinations and the brush is wide - so perfect for no-fuss application.

Two from a 'Strictly Come Dancing' set I bought in the sales ages ago (purely for the nail colours, I ain't a fan of sparkly dancing,) so not readily available (ebay is your friend here,) but the two colours I rediscovered are Unrequited (gold) and Midnight (blue). First of all, that gold - OH MY. It's a black base that looks dark olive green in certain lights and just gold glitter mixed in but it looks so gorgeous. It's probably the best 'solid' glitter polishes I've owned that still looks grown up, thanks to that dark base. I don't think I've seen anything like it, but you could just get a similar look by using black polish with gold glitter top coat. That olive in certain lights though... so beautiful.

The shade Midnight was what I was excited to rediscover, a considerable dupe for Essie's After School Boy Blazer, this is a dark navy that looks black in certain lights and perhaps a richer shade of navy in others. Gorgeous.

I did note that when I came to use these polishes they were still perfect - no gloopyness what so ever, which is saying something as they've been at the back of a drawer for many moons. Two coats, as standard and wear time is once again three-four day mark - more with Seche Vite.

Lastly, my year-round red. The Rimmel Salon Pro from the Kate range in Rock N Roll - it's just so perfect and lasts AGES, whilst looking super glossy and just plain beautiful. I've done a review here, but yes - had to be included!

For adding a little somethin' somethin', glitters are usually what I call on. First up is the Nails Inc Glamour Glitter (free with a magazine, probably Glamour, but ebay is once again your friend,) which adds just the perfect amount of subtle glitter to your nails - perfect with nudes and darker shades and perfectly awesome for ombre/graduated glitter effects - it's beautiful and ladylike. J'adore. 

For a little more punch, the Revlon Nail Enamel in Stunning is similar to the Nails Inc offering, except it has larger chunks of glitter and looks almost holographic in certain lights. Definitely one for parties and for 99p, can't go wrong!

Last but not least - a deep, wine red in matte formulation once again from Fragrance Direct so super cheap, the Revlon Matte Suede in Ruby Ribbon is a fun take on the red nail - plus matte nails just look so chic (overuse of that word today,) and a little different to a glossy nail. I use a matte topcoat over this, (Essie or China Glaze,) but you could simply skip top coat if you're not looking for super long wear, three to four days sans chips isn't a bad thing. 

So that is my nail offerings for Autumn/Winter; I'm currently rocking 'Unrequited' and staring at my nails for far too long.

I will say it is totally worth perusing Fragrance Direct before you purchase anywhere else, in case they have that particular shade on their website and no doubt hugely cheaper than on the high street. This isn't a sponsored post, I just simply adore that website for saving pennies!

What are your favourite shades for Autumn/Winter?



  1. I just bought the Revlon glitter polish from Poundland and it's so pretty! The Rimmel Rock 'n' Roll shade looks lovely too :) x

    1. The shade Stunning is quite literally stunning, haha! They also have a shade called 'Popular' which is pink based with pink/silver glitter - I adore it.

      Rimmel Rock N Roll is Holy Grail for me, the perfect red. :)


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