Monday, 4 November 2013

The Christmas Tag

I love Christmas - it's the little things that get me the most excited; planning of everyone's gifts and decorating the tree and dinner table, watching everyone open their gifts and not to mention the general hum of content. And then there's the nice amount of rum that generally gets gifted to me... 

Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 has come up with another awesome tag, you can see hers here, and consider yourself all tagged!

1.  Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I prefer a real tree for sure, but we've always had synthetic. I used to work at a D.I.Y & Home store and one year I got a tree that cost £180 for £8 in the Boxing Day sale - it looks pretty lush, all lit up, and looks majorly realistic. But I still long for a real one, they smell gorgeous.

2.  You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
Caramel latte or hot chocolate (with all the good stuff on top please!) I'm never near a Starbucks but I'd love to try their salted caramel drink...mmm.

3.  Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
I live at home and it's mostly red and gold - but a little bit more modern than the standard traditional. I personally prefer simplistic decorations - in whites and 'kraft paper' browns with the occasional bit of red thrown in for good measure.

4.  Giving or receiving?
Ultimately giving! You have no idea how much I love planning gifts and then waiting for people to open them, I get so jittery! I almost forget to open my own. 

5.  To mince pie or not to?
No! I just don't like them, I want to like them, but no - pass me he celebrations instead. ;)

6.  What's your traditional Sunday lunch?
Traditionally in winter, Sunday is all about a roast, I prefer a roast chicken roast with roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots and such like - or I'll just have a vegetable roast. It's either that or a cottage pie.

7.  Christmas day fashion
The morning starts off the usual fashion, so people are usually in pajamas and such like. But we do go out for Christmas day to the local for a few hours, so we put on our best. Of course, once the food has been eaten, we more often than not retreat into pajamas again, or a novelty knit!

8.  What's your favourite Christmas song?
I work in retail and Christmas songs are the bane of my life, seriously. I do get Jingle Bells stuck in my head a lot, though!

9.  What's your favourite Christmas film?
Tough one! Nightmare before Christmas, Cool Runnings (standard winter watching,) The Muppet Christmas Carol...ELF! And Love Actually. I'm pretty partial to watching a Disney cartoon too - last year I was horribly ill and all by myself most of Christmas - I literally sobbed at Lady and the Tramp. 

10.  Open presents before or after lunch?
Before - always before. I don't think I could wait to watch people opening my presents - it'd kill me!

So that's the Christmas tag - you are all tagged, if you're not a blogger, comment below or if you are, send me your links - I'd love to read them, and don't forget to check out Georgina's original post here!


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