Monday, 18 November 2013

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

As promised this week is back to normal and so with it, a few random picks from around the web. Since doing the little gift guides last week it's safe to say I'm properly into the festive spirit now... Not that you could tell, right?

First of all, can I just say; that owl decoration? Jeez, it's a little creepy but it's safe to say I need it. Want it. Who doesn't like a festive owl. Those pajamas? Could you just imagine rocking around on Christmas eve/morning with those on? I can. 

This week I've got lots of uni work to catch up on but some pretty lush posts coming your way this week.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Amy (of srslylou,) who did a blog loving feature and my little ol' blog was on it along with a few other cool blogs too. It's kind to share some blogger love, I think and reminded me I need to update my blogroll sometime this week too.

With that being said - hello to new followers! This blog has been around since September 2011 and has gone through A LOT of changes since then. I can't even bring myself to delete cringey posts from way back when, just because of sentimental reasons. Back then I didn't know what I wanted this blog to be, but I soon figured it out and this is where I am today.

So, before I get all soppy - here's to an awesome week!


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