Saturday, 11 January 2014

This Week | instagram #44

 Tea Pigs lemon & ginger tea is divine! // Sunday duo.
 Potentially the best smoothie ever. // Welcome back, HG Trilogy oil!
Cheeky purchases from Feel Unique. // Early morning selfies. 

This week has been highly productive! I've had lots of time to focus on some Uni work, a spot of cleaning and a tiny bit of shopping (not really for me, actually,) plus the spending ban is going quite well - all deliveries I'm receiving are actually orders I made in December... funny how bank holidays screw up delivery systems...

There is still a lot of cleaning to be done, some that involves moving the 'heffer' that is the wardrobe - so I can only watch on that activity. But it's good - a pretty decent winter/spring clean after Christmas is always therapeutic, if a little tiring.

Here's to a productive weekend!


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