Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Empties #8

Another day, another small lot of empties to talk about. With this lot, I actually feel like weeping because they have all been fantastic products to use - so needless to say they'll be going back on the shopping list as soon as possible!
I'm a big fan of face-waters. They are a love hate product, to be sure, but I find them so darn useful. The latest to steal my heart was the Caudalie Grape Water - great for using post-toning that involves any chemical exfoliants as it adds a nice amount of hydration and soothes the skin too. I much prefer this one to use on my face as opposed to the Avene water (even though I love that one too,) as I feel the Avene water works much better on the body - sun burn, razor burn - etc.

Recently I did a review of my favourite primer - the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro. I've already got two more in the stocks because I really can't be without it. It provides a good smooth base, adds longevity. Takes away shine, without removing any radiance. It's tricky to describe the texture - a mix between cream and normal 'silicone' primers, which if you're not a fan of might be something to look out for, but it gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Another long-term favourite which has once again left the shelf - the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray. God, I love this stuff. I prefer it to any other sea salt spray I've tried (including the Bumble&Bumble one...) and I can't bare to be without it. I usually spritz this on when I've got damp hair of an evening, put my hair in a loose plait/rough bun and just leave it over night. Come morning I have tousled, beachy perfect hair. I just add a little more and boom, done.

One of my favourite cleansers when my skin is in trouble - the Ren ClearCalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. This is the perfect mix of being hydrating, soothing yet has a gentle exfoliant of salicilin to aid in getting rid of blemishes. I'll be picking up another of these for when my skin is dire need. 


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