Monday, 3 February 2014

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Happy Monday, Lovelies!

What a weekend! I managed to get a ton of stuff sorted and finito, plus I also had my haircut. It's great because now I can see again, huzzah! My hair is pretty good in that it does grow super quick (great for haircut mistakes...) but it means that by week three I want to rip my fringe out. I've had it cut a little shorter and I adore it. 

It's only about eight weeks to go until I fly off for the first holiday I've had in years! Super exited and already planning what I'm taking with me (and what needs depotting into smaller tubes, pots and bottles, etc) and what we are going to do whilst there. It'll be nice to get some sun and eat stupid amazing food. Excited.

Here's to an amazing week ahead!


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