Saturday, 1 February 2014

This Week | instagram #47

#Foreverghostpale. // Salem loves being held like this... #DemPaws // Little treats! // My bed is a seductress. // Needing a hair cut. // Manuka Doctor package arrived!

I have been super busy this week! I've managed to creep up on uni work (and I'll be doing a shed load tomorrow,) and also managed to do a few bits and bobs around the home (sans lifting or bending, of course,) plus managed to cook dinner four nights running (again, needing help getting to the oven!) but still; it's the little things. I'm hoping to go out for lunch today (weather permitting) and a gentle walk with the dogs tomorrow. Poor Trix has been so poorly with her Cushings Disease it's been hard trying to get her out - I'm hoping it'll be a good day for her. 

I've also literally just had a hair appointment, chopped off my fringe a little bit shorter than usual just because it grows so fast and kept the layers a little longer around the main 'bulk' of my hair... It becomes pretty odd near week six/seven after having my hair cut that I just hate it so much (mostly down to the fringe,) so I'm helping this helps.

Apologies for the ramble but it's just one of those Saturdays!

Here's to an amazing (hopefully not too wet, UK,) weekend!


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