Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

I know when it comes to primers; everyone has a mixed opinion. Some can't see the point and rather skip the whole process of 'adding another layer' and there are others that shout from the rooftops for all the benefits. I'm in the annoying latter group. 
I've tried a variety - but there is one that I always come back to when I'm unsure; the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro. It does all it says on the tube, which is why I like it and I like it even more the price, too. It also lasts a long time not only on the skin but the product itself; so you're really getting a great deal for your moneys worth with this one.

I'd say this is more favourable to those with drier skin types - as the primer feels more like a moisturiser and might be a tad heavy for those with oily skin - however I find a small amount to work the best anyway. It mattifies the skin so well; that even after moisturising and I plonk (technical term,) this on - any shine is immediately gone but it doesn't take away any radiance and helps provide a slight illumination. 

It also leaves skin feeling soft and as the tube says 'resurfaced' in a way, ready for whatever foundation/tinted moisturiser etc you're applying. I also find this to work amazingly with other primers and highlighters; in particular the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer and Benefit's High Beam. This also sits well on the skin and lasts too - I've never noticed any 'slip' of my bases when using this.

All in all, a great primer especially if you're on a budget. You can buy it at Boots usually for £6.99 but it's currently half price so you can pick one up for £3.49! Bargain.


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