Friday, 7 March 2014

Decanting | Holiday Organization

I'm getting ahead of myself, right? I'm not going away for another few weeks but still; it needed to be done. The organization freak in me couldn't wait to decant all the products I'd put by specifically for this trip whilst the procrastinator was pretty adamant I should do it the day before, in a last minute panic...

I suppose what I've learnt from travelling in the past (I haven't been away for nearly four years, yet most of my youth was spent jetting back and forth to Spain,) is that when you come to the end of a product and you're going away - think to yourself whether that will last x amount of days you'll be going for. If it will, decant it. There's no point in lugging around half-full products that come the end are a pain in the neck to get the last bit of product out.

I picked up my plastic set from Morrisons (£2) whilst on a food shop, but Boots stock them, as does Muji and Superdrug. I knew this would be all I'd need as the majority of the other products (serums, night cream, that kind of deal...) I'm taking are travel-sized or samples that I've kept by for the trip (seriously, I've been thinking of this holiday for MONTHS!)

This set came with a couple of tools to aid in the decanting process and some labels, to make it a little easier especially if all your creams, lotions and potions all look the same.

So tell me, are you going on any holidays this year?


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