Friday, 21 March 2014

Stationery Love

Is it just bloggers, or do we go on about stationery all the time? On a plus side it does keep me organized and recently I had a tiny splurge for some new notebooks for the coming months...
This flexi-cover mid-year diary was a steal from eBay. I bought this for the sole purpose of (hopefully,) coming uni work that might be happening later in the year. It's a week to view style which is handy for me to keep an eye on what is due in and what I need to do by a particular day - these styles of diary are crucial on keeping me on target, especially for distance learning.

Next, some snazzy pastel cahiers from Moleskine. They come in a pack of three, various sizes and of course various layouts. I picked plain purely because I love using this style of notebook for particular 'blocks' of work and sketches too.

If you're looking for a sturdy, plain Moleskine-style notebook but at a cheaper price - may I recommend Morrisons, of all places? They sometimes stock a bright pink variation, but these notebooks are only £2.50 and are perfect for just about everything. 

So next on the stationery list? Metallic sharpies of course!


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