Saturday, 1 March 2014

This Week | instagram #51

New skincare tray; still needs editing down. // Board game prototyping for uni! // Weekend babysitting; but Poppy stole my heart. // Watching the winter Olympics with these two reprobates.

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Happy Weekend, Lovelies!

Once again apologies for a considerable lack of posts this week. It's the first week for a long time where I've had to let the blog take the back burner for a bit; including no scheduled posts. I think I'll always get like this towards the end of a project (I've still got two left, eep!) so if this happens again in about a months time... you know I'm hunched over my laptop. Possibly crying.

I've also been super busy with appointments and family commitments. You may have noticed a considerable amount of pictures of my sisters (gorgeous and hilarious,) lab named Poppy. She's just so darn cute I want to steal her. Can I?

I've also been putting up with getting random bugs that don't seem to develop into anything. Random headaches, dizziness, going hot and cold. That kind of deal, that usually happens before I come down with flu. It's tried to take me three times but I just ain't letting it! 

Here's to an amazing weekend!


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