Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Revlon Highlighting Palette | Bronze Glow

It's not often I listen to hype about powder products from the blogosphere. My dry skin hates powder most days and it's why I skip powder blushers in favour of cream (that stay cream,) stain and gel formulations...

However when I heard about the raving reviews of the Revlon Highlighting Palette and on a standard pilgrimage to Boots and swatched away... Well, love at first swatch, can I say?

As far as I am aware there are only two variations available in the UK - I've seen 'Peach Glow' from US blogs (and stomped my feet in jealousy...) but from a choice of 'Bronze Glow' and 'Rose Glow' - I knew the bronze would be more flattering... and for once my optimism about 'bronze' products was true. It's beautiful.

I know, my face has rarely graced the blog over the years but it's the kind of product that calls for an in-action shot. What I captured here was the overall glow that translates onto the skin. It isn't at all glittery and the shimmer is barely noticeable - what's left is a pretty, bronze glow that actually suits my pale skin (shock horror, it's a rarity) and blends like a dream. 

My favourite way to apply this is actually with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush - worked mainly onto the cheekbones but up towards the temple slightly and also slightly down near the cheeks. 

It also stayed in place for eight plus hours - there was no need for touching up at all. Me, in love with a face powder product? Who would've thought it...

Have you tried the Revlon Highlighting Palette?


P.s, My internet and/or laptop is actually messed up beyond all recognition! Please bare with me as posts will either be non-existent or later than usual. 

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