Friday, 18 April 2014

Revlon Nail Enamel Gold Goddess | Rio Rush

Moving on from Wednesdays post, the last 'piece' I picked up from the Revlon 'Rio Rush' collection was their new nail enamel in 'Gold Goddess.' If you're looking for a gold leaf effect polish? Look no further..

L to R; Base coat of Models Own 'Bronze Rage' + Gold Goddess. One coat Gold Goddess. Two coats Gold Goddess.

First of all it is gloopy. Possibly the most 'gloopiest' nail polish I've ever encountered. It's definitely not one to be thrown on and be out the door (but when is a glitter polish ever THAT good?) but it is quite gel-like in consistency and finish. It feels incredibly smooth too, for a glitter polish and the shine is incredible. 

I found the most beautiful results was when I paired it with Models Own 'Bronze Rage' as a base - ultra bronzey/gold summer vibe and I felt kind of gutted I didn't buy this before my holiday, it would of looked beautiful!

Time wise - if you use a good base coat and top coat you know you'll get great longevity with a glitter polish and this is just the same. Personally I prefer glitter polish on my toes - so it obviously lasts a lot longer there. Either way it looks gorgeous on - it'd be pretty as an accent nail with coral coloured polish... in fact every colour. I'm addicted!

You can pick up this polish from Boots for £6.49.

Have you tried Revlon's Nail Enamel in 'Gold Goddess'?



  1. Haven't tried this but definitely will be picking one up soon! x

    1. It's ultimately beautiful, like gold leaf! :)


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