Saturday, 19 April 2014

This Week | instagram #57

"Why you leave us?" // Holiday nail happenings. // Obsessed with this album. // First view of the morning. // AlliOli crisps? Yes please! // Chocolate soy milk... Heaven.
My man plus an awesome tapas! // Making coffees. // Beach walk view. // Altea Church. // New amigos. // Pizza Cuatro Quesos y AlliOli. 
Getting ready for last night shenanigans. // Thanks, Albir! See you soon! // Airport buyings.

Happy Easter Weekend, lovelies!
What a whirlwind! I apologise for not posting more whilst I was away, or indeed scheduling many posts - but I'm afraid uni work had to come first before I flitted off on my travels.

I had an awesome time, lots of sun to relax and walks to get the cobwebs cleared and what not. Not to mention the food. I didn't do the whole 'indulge in everything' thing that most seem to do on holiday... I've never been one for that. I always had sensible brunches and awesome-kick-ass dinners... namely from an Italian restaurant. It was divine. Of course, tapas was always superb.

Posts will be resuming as normal. I feel much more inspired than when I did before the holiday. Well, much more motivated to post even with uni work piling up. I'll be trying to post my usual Monday-Saturday routine, probably with a few lifestyle posts on Sundays too - from now on.

Spain - I hope to see you soon!


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