Saturday, 10 May 2014

This Week #1

The most amazing iced vanilla frappe! // Nails Inc in 'Sao Paulo Streets.' // True dat! // "Never leave me again!" // New Real Techniques Modern Natural kit! // Room is almost done. Just need a frame. 

Apologies for a lack of standard catch up post last week - but I'm still fighting with my laptop - I think we've almost got it sorted (a cable was literally broken in half on the inside...) so hopefully I'll be reunited with my beloved machine soon...
So what have I been upto? Namely paperwork - I'm still finishing off my final essays (which are on my laptop, which is currently on the coffee table, with the back off waiting for a new wifi cable..) which I've written the first drafts of and just require a.) a functioning laptop and b.) me to not be a procrastinating wench.

I've also been starting a mass spring tidy. Everywhere. Including makeup that has either expired, barely used - it's being switched up and re-organized. I think we are starting to convert the closet (which is currently a vanity nook...) back into a wardrobe/closet soon - so the shop for a simple dressing table continues. The standard blogger 'malm' from ikea looks to be spot on, long but quite narrow which is exactly what is needed for the room and my space needs...

I've also been missing reading! I had to take my tablet back to Currys for repair (such a glamorous task...) and I'm really missing my library. Yes, I have an overstuffed bookshelf, but when you're halfway through a book and it's suddenly not there? Hell.

Here's to an awesome weekend.


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