Friday, 9 May 2014

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

My love affair with Trilogy started here, with the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +. Since then I've been repurchasing that heavenly oil but I felt the need to explore more of their range, enter their Cream Cleanser.
Now, the bottle is gorgeous although as I am hideously clumsy I'm being very careful that I don't knock it off the shelf first thing in the morning, however. It is a beautiful cleanser.

I prefer to use this of an evening after a pre-cleanse. The scent is subtle but still beautiful enough to appreciate whilst you're massaging it in. It also takes off make-up and daily grime effectively too.

Obviously being a cream cleanser there's no residue leftovers to be worried about - even so I'm an advocate of using a flannel with all my cleansers. 

What you get is a hydrating, soothing cleanser - it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. What more do you need?

Have you tried the Trilogy Cream Cleanser?


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