Friday, 27 June 2014

10 Things #1

Something a little different for today on the blog, a small list of ten things that have made me happy over the past week or so...
1. I bought a new bag/case for my new Fuji Instax Mini 8 - and it's unbelievably perfect. The top is connected with robust poppers - so it's secure, but still easy enough to remove so you can take a photo whilst the camera is still in the case. This is probably going to come in super handy in Spain, whilst roaming around.

2. The first BBQ of the summer! It's so unbelievably nice to sit outside with the family, eating amazing food, drinking Pimms and enjoying the sunshine. 

3. Heavy summer rains and having a nap with the window open. Being able to hear and smell the rain whilst drifting off is the most peaceful thing. Ever.

4. Buying some chalkboard film/wall vinyl to have some fun with. Oh the possibilities! 

5. My dogs. They always make me happy but this week they have been extra cute, frolicking in the sunshine. Such happy pups!

6. Finding the perfect bronze/contour. Life changing for a pale one like me. 

7. Fresh strawberries for breakfast. Kind of an indulgence, but kind of wonderful none the less.

8. True Blood. I am seriously late to the bandwagon, but so far I'm sailing through quite quickly. No spoilers, I'm only just starting season six! Obsessed with how Bill says Sookie? Sookeh.

9. The world cup. I know, I know. We're out. But I've always enjoyed watching it. Nothing like screaming at a screen when someone yet again falls over, seemingly over nothing...

10. Spring/Summer clean ups! There is nothing grander than swapping heavy duvets/blankets for lighter variations, switching to lighter rugs and throws, not to mention a deep clean so everything seems like new. Best feeling ever.

What's made you happy this week?


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