Saturday, 28 June 2014

This Week #6

Sleepy bears. // New things from asos. // Hard life being a pup. // Nail colours of choice... // Littlest hamster widge. // Absolute bear. // Teeny haul. // Salem has once again taken over my dressing gown. // When only strawberries for breakfast will do. // New holiday goodies from escentual.

Ooph. What a week.
Although, lets go back and ramble for a bit. I mentioned here I took a little (ten days...) break from all social media. No blog, no Pinterest, no Instagram and definitely no Twitter. I felt a lot better for it, for sure. Definitely worth trying if your head feels muddled from everything. Even if it's just switching off at certain time every evening.

I also had a tonne of appointments and meetings to go to. Nothing fancy. Just hospital/back related. But important none the less. And no, no update with my back. It's still the same.

This week has been just as busy, although we are starting to get organized. We've all (the family, Josh and I,) have put off sorting out things that need to be thrown out, recycled or sold - books, electronics that sort of thing. Thanks to the seriously heavy summer rains we've had, that has started. I seriously cannot wait until the hunk of wood that is my wardrobe is sold/gone. Takes up way too much room.

With that being said, I best crack on with it.


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