Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday Lusting #8

Happy Monday!

This week I have two main aims; go to the zoo. I live quite close to Dartmoor Zoo (yes, from this film...) and strangely enough I've never been. Outrageous. So if the weather clears up - that's where we shall be. Hopefully.

Secondly, I really need to get this whole wardrobe/closet fiasco sorted. The longer it goes on the more and more I get agitated with the lack of space there is available. Once it's sold/gotten rid of - then I can actually sort out the picture ledge and order my dressing table. Until then. 

That being said - it doesn't stop me from eyeing interiors lustfully. Did I mention that my first love in life was interior design? I adore it even more than make up. First love.

Can we just eye the H&M goodness, yet again. A.) Forever affordable. B.) There copper/rose gold pieces are just so blindingly gorgeous. I want it all.


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