Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Beauty Bag | July

Let's talk about SPF, baby...

But no, really. Lets.
Being one as pale as I am, it pays to wear SPF year round - on the daily. I don't go too mad in autumn/winter, always using this but during summer? I need to step it up a notch whilst still (hoping, just a little praying thrown in too,) getting a little healthy looking tan and some freckles. 

So this month I've picked up what will hopefully do the trick (I'll let you know post-holiday if it does work!) - the Bioderma Photderm Bronz SPF 30 - both bottles are high protection, suitable for all - including those with sensitive skin (waves madly,) and for fairer skin types (waves even more wildly...) whilst aiming to enhance your tan. We'll see, but my main objective is to be safe and not get sun-burnt. I picked up the spray and the facial fluid - and yes, I also have a SPF 50 too.

Okay. So have I mentioned this No7 foundation before? No? I adore their tinted moisturiser (for winter, strangely enough, it can feel a little too rich in summer...) and their Essentially Natural Foundation, but in April before my holiday I wanted something lighter still, that would stay put but ultimately still be buildable - and so entered Stay Perfect Superlight foundation. 

I wore this exclusively on holiday for evenings and have started reaching for it once again now the weather is warming up here. It's light, no mask feeling here - blends like a dream and leaves a very subtle dewy finish - not shiny, dewy. It's light-medium coverage is perfect for what I need and it does last a hell of a lot longer than most of my other foundations. 

Definitely worth a try if you're finding your lighter coverage foundations slipping in the hot weather.


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