Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Currently... #1

Full credit goes to Rosie for this post. I quite dig the whole "currently" list style blog posts. Plus it's Tuesday, let's take the week slow...

Watching; The Walking Dead, season four. Which we actually just finished. We started watching it ages ago and predictably got sucked into something else. I cannot wait for season five! 
Reading; The Southern Vampire Mysteries. After watching True Blood (I'm still on season six, so please, no spoilers...) I figured I should probably read the books. 
Listening; To Tove Lo, still.
Cooking; I've been on a huge chilli kick recently. I make a mean chilli. Meat or vegetable, I'm your lady.
Drinking; Water, green tea and the occasional coffee.
Eating; Lots of strawberries whilst they are in season.
Wanting; Some more patience. It's something that I run out of frequently.
Looking; At my lilies grow even taller, even after five years they are still growing stronger. Something my not-so-green fingered self didn't expect... 
Thanking; My mother, for everything.
Trying; To cut down on alcohol at home - it can be far to easy to reach for one too many of your favourite tipple.
Starting; A countdown for the holiday in September. So eager.

Obsessed; With a certain chesterfield sofa. My god. I want one, in brown leather thanks. 
Waiting; For my last mint cutting to root so I can plant it. I adore the smell of mint and enjoy using it in cooking even more.
Wondering; What my options are with everything, as always.
Appreciating; My Mr, for his patience with me.
Wearing; My Ray-Bans constantly! Such a good investment as they are without a doubt the best sunglasses I've ever owned.
Blog Loving; Bloomin' Rouge and La Petite Primp. Gorgeous blogs with awesome content and charming ladies who write them, too.
Excited; For an outing. We've been saving our money for other items recently, but we are both itching to go to the cinema/out for dinner soon.
Laughing; At my dogs, forever. Such funny personalities.
Buying; Travel bottles for decanting. A neon coral swimsuit, which is the most perfect fitting thing, ever. And of course, trying not to buy anything else.
Thinking; About the blog, about my back, about Joshua the most, about my family.
Planning; Blog posts for when I am away. Two weeks worth. Wish me luck...

So, what's up with you?


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