Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Garnier Oil Beauty

It seems like you cannot go two steps without beauty ads thrusting the word 'oil' in your face. Whilst, sometimes it does usually leave me rolling my eyes - I am a big 'fan' of using oils/oil based products in my skin/body care routine.
So when the Garnier Oil Beauty range was released and I was shopping pre-holiday back in April I first picked up the scrub. It's quite similar in consistency to the Soap & Glory scrubs - quite paste like but with enough 'grit' (as I like to call it,) to give a good polish whilst also being moisturising, thanks to the oils. 

The scent is as expected, gorgeous - with the four oils of Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose - it isn't overly sweet, floral or nutty - just the perfect combination. It's also a scrub that I have repurchased three times in a row - and I'll probably continue to do so. The tube is obviously much more helpful when in the shower and there is no loss of product like can sometimes happen with pots/tubs of scrubs.

The body lotion has exactly the same scent (honestly, go have a whiff. It's gorgeous.) as the scrub - and whilst it is labelled lotion, it feels more balmy than most and provides an incredible amount of moisture with very little product. It also absorbs quickly too, so there's no awkward waiting around before throwing on your clothes.

You can buy the Garnier Oil Beauty lotion here and the scrub here, both retailing for under £10 - and usually on offer in Boots, Superdrug or your local supermarket. 

Have you tried the Garnier Oil Beauty line?


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