Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday Lusting #9

Because it's Monday. And all I want to do is stare at nice things...
I've been eyeing this lamp from John Lewis for a while (along with a few dream sofas...) so I think once the room is complete I'll indulge. If I can find something similar for a little cheaper, win. But I think it's sort of beautiful.

Turquoise is my birthstone. It's also one of my favourite colours - especially paired with gold. This catbirdnyc ring has been calling to me for what seems like forever. Also the whole catbird website calls to me, but you know. 

I have now finished my holiday shopping. I like to do it gradually, and I just finished it off with neon coral swimsuit. It is ultimately gorgeous - but unfortunately for me, and this lust list - I am now on a shopping ban. 

Here's to an amazing week.


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