Thursday, 10 July 2014

Feet Prep

I could have labelled this 'summer feet prep' or something of the like, seeing as most of our (I'm talking anyone who has unapologetic autumn/winter/spring that require boots at all times...) feet don't truly see the light of day until summer arrives. Or we go on holiday. 

That being said feet care is pretty darn important - you're on them all the time. So look after them. 

Smoothe. My first port of call is to use an electric buffer/exfoliator - whatever you want to call them. They aren't a pretty tool in your beauty cabinet, but one I think is essential to ridding yourself of dry skin/calluses. 

Soak. Soak your feet. Now this is where you have an option to use various oils - or if you have some Dr Bronner's - you will be cleansing as well as softening, because the consistency of Dr Bronners soap feels quite oily and works a treat at softening everything ready for your next steps. Keep your feet in until the water starts to turn cold.

Exfoliate. Twice. Go in with a manual buffer/file after your feet have softened and quite simply, go to town. The Sally Hansen Sole Control is my 'weapon' of choice, but many do exactly the same job. Exfoliate properly with a foot scrub or indeed body scrub of your choice - the grittier the better, obviously. 

Moisturise. I always go back to Soap and Glory's Heel Genius. It smells sweet, is thick and creates a rather awesome cocoon for your feet. Slather your feet in your chosen cream/balm - and pop some socks on and just leave it do it's thing. Repeat this step before bed.

I tend to do this routine once every ten days - with upkeep in between (file/moisturise,) and whilst it's not the greatest beauty chore - it's one that's completely worth it when the sandals come out to play...


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