Thursday, 3 July 2014

IKEA BRIMNES Hack | Chalkboard Drawers

When I was looking for drawers to house the majority of both of our clothes; the IKEA BRIMNES chest of four drawers was the obvious choice for us. White, tall and with deep drawers to house all manner of basics. That being said, I was not opposed to 'sprucing' them up a little, so when the Mr suggested using our new roll of blackboard film, well, I was more than a little intrigued...

We used the United Office Blackboard Film, which we snagged from Lidl for a mere £2.99 - and you get a lot of it for your money, always handy for future DIY and craft fun. eBay has lots of cheap options too - or you could always go one step further and use chalkboard paint - especially cool if you go for a variety of fun bright colours.

It was such a simple hack to complete too. I simply measured the area on the drawers I wanted to be chalboard, cut it out of the roll, cleaned the area, dried the area and then spritzed lightly with water over the area. All that was left was to apply the film; I recommend having a credit card/points card (or any piece of plastic, really...) to smooth it all down nicely and make sure there are no air bubbles. 

But honestly? Easiest twenty minutes. And now I can write cheesy demands for the Mr.


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