Friday, 4 July 2014

NEOM | Inspiration & Contentment

If you follow me on instagram you would of seen that on a recent jaunt to TK Maxx I managed to pick up a couple of NEOM travel candles, in the scents Inspiration and Contentment. Having heard rave reviews from many bloggers, countless times, I figured it was about time that I see what the fuss was all about, especially as the brand has had a rather aesthetically pleasing spruce up.
First to burn, Inspiration. With Violet, Chamomile and Cedarwood - I knew it'd be a sure fire favourite. It's a sophisticated floral scent, one that is hugely uplifting and really has helped kicked various projects into gear. Even when left unlit, this kicks off a really pleasing scent - even in a medium/large room. 

Contentment. Oh, how I love thee. This is more subtle than Inspiration. This is Buchu (a South African plant with a blackcurrant scent,) Nutmeg and Ginger. It's calming, relaxing and just the ultimate de-stress candle. I have been burning this of an evening for a few hours, whilst doing exercises for my back pain - and it just (honestly, I'm not trying to sound like a hippy here...) flows nicely with everything with what I'm doing. A definite winner if you suffer from anxiety.

All NEOM candles are made from 100% natural vegetable wax and pure aromatherapy oils. There's no soot left on the glass (or apparently on your walls, but how does that even happen?) - the scents I've experienced so far are far superior to anything I've ever burnt - and you just know that even burn appeals to the OCD part of me too...

I picked up my candles for £7.99 (RRP £16) each in TK Maxx (so check your local store, usually in the homewares department,) but now that I see that the hype is totally worth it and worth forking out the extra pounds for? Oh three wick Sensuous, you will be mine. You can check out the new site here - there's even a new size candle too.


This post isn't sponsored. I just totally dig candles and am totally adoring NEOM right now. ;)

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