Saturday, 5 July 2014

This Week #7

IKEA BRIMNES hack, post here. // TK Maxx goodies. // Green tea sippin'. // Countdown to the holiday begins. // Obsessed as ever with Genesis. // Loving the white and neon pink Latest in Beauty Box, post here. //  Mama's homemade scones? Don't mind if I do! // First Neom burn - totally worth the hype. // Let's do this, nails. // Contentment? I'd say.

What a crazy productive week - don't get me wrong there are still tonnes to get done. Namely the wardrobe. Why am I procrastinating? The thought of emptying it completely, taking photos and then dismantling the beast makes me positively cringe. And I won't even be the one taking it down. But still.

I'm thinking waiting until after the holiday? That is the ultimate kind of procrastination. Maybe I'll get it sorted next week.

Considering I'm still putting money aside for the holiday (is it also sad I'm putting some buy for duty free? I mean, is it really that bad?) I want all the damn things. 

Wish me luck that I don't buy all the things and make my wallet weep.

Here's to a relaxing weekend.


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