Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Travel Makeup Essentials

I should of really titled this 'stuff I should've already known about travelling with makeup' or something. However, up until I went away in April, I hadn't been on a proper holiday for four years. Four years! Apparently losing all my previous knowledge as well as some of my fluency in espaƱol.

Seeing as I'm venturing off again at the end of August (two weeks, Spain) I figured I should mention some things learnt about makeup and holidaying in a hot country...

Cream, long lasting, never seem to budge eye-shadows are your friends. Not only can they be swept over the lid quickly providing a pretty shimmery finish but can also be used as a primer for powder shadows or as an eyeliner. I prefer stick varieties for space reasons and it saves taking a glass pot on holiday. My preferences? Barbara Daly Longwear Eyeshadow in Shimmer Sand and Shell. Plus the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Rich Russet.

I know people vary on the types of bases they prefer - whether it's light/medium/full or matte/satin/dewy - but honestly, take a light foundation that stays in place and doesn't have that mask like quality but still covers what you want it to. SPF doesn't hurt - unless you're planning on having your photo taken constantly, then go SPF free foundation wise. I prefer this offering from No7, one that saw me through many a hot evening on my last trip.

I need to hammer this point home; don't wear makeup during the day! Seriously. You're going to (I hope,) be applying SPF throughout the day, so what's the point in putting on foundation, concealer and blush etc? Not even a CC cream. No BB. Just let your skin be. However, I do need to open up my eyes a little so opt for a waterproof mascara - and only apply lightly. Plus a little tinted lip balm with SPF never hurts. But that's it. 

If you must palette, palette wisely. I adore my NARS NARSissist palette, in fact it's the palette I pretty much exclusively use since buying it. However, I won't be taking it on holiday. The thought of it being ruined in transit, or me just being a general klutz with marble floors makes my beauty brain spin. The MUA Smokin' Palette has a fantastic quality range of mattes, shimmers and colours to see anyone through - and coming in at £6 I wouldn't be heartbroken if anything happened to it. 

One last note; blusher, I can go without. Given that redness is my main issue, I can forgo blusher most days. I much prefer taking a bronze/blush/highlighter hybrid to put on the tops of cheekbones and having that sun-kissed rosy glow. The Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow is my top choice.

What are your travel makeup essentials?


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