Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tangles; Sorted

Thanks to having fine hair and lots of it, my hair often looks like a lions mane. Often full of tangles - either post shower or post sleep and always usually in an awkward spot, that if left unchecked can end up in dread lock style tangles. Nice.

To keep these pesky tangles at bay (because honestly they won't ever leave,) I have three weapons of choice. First, The Wet Brush (in a rather dashing neon orange) has been my ultimate sidekick for the past few weeks now. Once brushing my hair post shower meant needing something leather to bite on (I jest, it didn't hurt that much...) but this just glides through. Literally. Of course, there might be the odd dread-lock style tangle that'll need a little more attention, I don't think any kind of super brush could glide through that - but man. 

This has changed the hair brushing game. Those soft/malleable bristles just sail right through tangles - there's no harsh pulling or tugging which can sometimes happen with more firmer/harder bristles.

For dry tangled mess, I opt for the Denman D90 Tangle Tamer. Again, the soft bristles means it glides through tangles just as easily as the Wet Brush making it the brush of choice for mornings when I've woken with a birds nest scenario. 

When tangles just won't quit - leave in spray conditioners are the way forward. Lightly spritzed on the 'affected' area and then followed with the brush of your choice - immediately it becomes much easier to get through the tangles, sans pain of course. 

What are your favourite products for troublesome hair?


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