Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Makeup Storage

One of my favourite posts/videos to peruse are makeup storage/collections. I think because I'm a huge nosy parker and also because it's great for getting ideas for your own space. Since my MALM dressing table is up and mostly filled with my stash I figured I'd let you guys in to how I'm storing it all. It's not quite finished yet to how I completely want it - but it might give you a few ideas in the mean time... 

I've still kept my three drawer MUJI unit - for the time being I've just got my most loved products in the top drawer with stationery in the last two drawers - and of course standard clutter and brushes/sponges in my MUJI desk pot. From the top picture you can also see (sort of,) I have a desk lamp, my Avene Thermal Spring Water and some various pieces - the blue china tiny vase was from a charity shop and the burnished silver candle holder (which is currently holding one of my nearly finished NEOM travel candles,) was from The Range a few years ago.

On a gold tray from H&M I have my No7 mirror, various perfumes, jewelry (on a plate the Mr got me from Italy,) another NEOM candle and a few skincare items that I use of an evening that I like having to hand. I also use candle holders from H&M to store cotton pads and buds so it makes it a bit easier to grab in the mornings. They don't have the gold skull detailed one anymore, but there are similar sized ones here and the grey glass holder also comes in a variety of colours, here.

So like I said - it's not completely finished yet - but inside the MALM drawer I have two STÖDJA cutlery trays, oddly enough. I liked the look of these because they were damn cheap and because you can cut them and have it organized whichever way you want. I haven't cut them to size yet, as I'm still working out which items I want where - but they fit perfectly in the drawer with some room left at the end for smaller, lesser used products. In my case, false lashes.

Of course I still have my beloved HELMER, which holds most of my skincare, nail polish and the like. It's good to note that the HELMER and the MALM dressing table are the same 'depth' so that they fit together side by side without it 'poking' out by a few inches like the ALEX unit would. 

How do you store your makeup? Any storage ideas?


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