Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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I know. I usually keep a wishlist for Mondays, a nice little roundup of things I've spied on the web that have taken my fancy. Seeing as our living space is coming along nicely I'd thought I would share some items that I'm most definitely buying and somethings I'm just gon-need... Oh, and it's a rambling post, so go get some coffee or tea...
The sofa pictured above is a surprising one for me. I think. When perusing the internet for a new three-seater way back when, I'd figure it would be this one or this one that finally came home. Then the measuring started and of course it was a no go. Especially for this dream sofa, my god. When we actually went to DFS and saw it, we fell in love. The price wasn't off putting, it was the size, sort of, because there was no way in hell it was going to fit in our space. Definite no-go, for now.  

But then we saw this. We'd been eyeing tan leather sofas for a while, as they are the Mr's preference and we looked at various styles that were I guess, more my style. This sofa did not even come up on our maybe pile. It's better in person. The leather is oh-so soft and you can tell it's going to be one that ages well. One that will tell a story. The comfort? My gahd. As soon as I plopped down I said "mine," because hot damn. So comfortable.

My love of grey won't quit though because this foot stool/ottoman I'm craving does fit my usual tastes. I think it would soften up an otherwise pretty manly looking sofa.

I've also been hankering after this rug for the longest time. I was going to go with the smaller option - but I think it's best to where possible size up. It's in a non-offensive neutral, stripes that are always pleasing and more of a flat-weave. Which are my favourite kind of rugs. So exciting, right?

Of course there are other bits and pieces from H&M home, like the storage jute boxes, glass and gold vase and the smaller wire storage baskets which I think will look good on top of the coffee table. The 'Poste' one I had in mind from Loaf is the perfect measurements, big enough for what we need but not boxy to make our tiny space look any smaller.

For lighting - the ceiling light needs to be changed as the one we have now is terribly dated, but I think that will be the last thing we do change - as we still haven't found the perfect one yet. I have seen the most gorgeous copper table lamp from Made though - which I think I might steal for sitting above my dressing table...

What is on your home wishlist at the moment?


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