Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Lusting #17

Happy Monday!
By now, I shall be starting the second week of my holiday, missing the pups severely, but no doubt relishing in the sunshine, whilst it still remains. Although as this is a scheduled post, it may very well be storming, in which case, I hope we have a board game with us...

I thought yet again I could do a 'Monday Lusting' with items featuring on my 'ultimate' wishlist. The, more often than not, jaw dropping pricey, but never the less covet-able and downright gorgeous.

The top, strangely (or aptly as I'm on holiday,) enough is luggage. I've been hankering after a Mulberry holdall for years now - sadly enough. I just love a well made, bag. Luggage or tote, I'm all over it.

Of course another item I've been lusting over (ever so wildly,) is a piece from Sophie Hulme. This wallet (or purse,) looks so beautiful with it's pebbled leather and gold detailing. Weepingly expensive, but a piece I could imagine loving for years.

What's on your ultimate wish list?


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