Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Revisiting Travel Beauty

I've done a few posts on travel/beauty related bumf. This one, notably before my last holiday back in April. So this is a brief revisit - a kind of lessons learnt deal to hopefully give you a little more insight if you're off on any kind of travels - whether it be festivals/camping/staycations/holidays... You get the drill...

1. Samples ain't everything. Whilst many bloggers/magazines will harp on at you this is the time for trialing your stash of samples - myself included, sometimes be careful. Especially if you have sensitive skin - if you're anything like me on holiday where a breakout is often on the cards just from the change of water - decant your never-fail products instead. Now, I really only take skincare samples that I've actually used before, and loved - keep your trialing for at home.

2. You won't need that much make up. But you'll probably take it anyway. I took a plethora of make up last time - and used only half of it, only for evenings of course. This time, I've pretty much put aside the same amount, because honestly I might want to switch it up from the usual bronzey smokey thing. Kudos if you're more rigorous than me, because honestly I am packing way too many bronzing products...

3. Products you used to love to use, might not cut it anymore. I'm thinking wet wipes here. Because I used to use the Simple wet wipes all the time in my youth when in a skincare pickle (late nights,) and my skin would be fine. On my last holiday? They stung, made my skin dry and itchy and I gave them to a lovely lady who would actually use them, otherwise they would of been binned. Where you can, do a little test before you go.

4. Water sprays are your best friends. I use the Avene Thermal Spring Water all the time at home, even more so on holiday/travels. This is great for cooling down in the heat, sunburn, rashes - post cleansing and pre-toner. Anything. Last time I went without and missed it terribly.

5. It's not the end of the world. So pack wisely. Honestly you can always buy replacements or borrow something if it breaks/is lost or stolen. Don't pack anything you'd hate to be without.

What are your top tips for travel beauty?


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