Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday Lusting #21

Shoes // Rings // Bag // Bath Oil // Hair Mask

Happy Monday!
I've already picked up a few bits and pieces for autumn/winter; a few lightweight knit jumpers, a new parka for walks and new walking boots too but I'm still trying to find the perfect bag, over-sized denim shirt and 'smart' flats. These croc ones from Top Shop look pretty sweet, as does the bag for that matter.

As the nights are drawing in, I'm completely missing a bath. When you only have showers in the house and there are times that just require a bath (a cold, hangover, general bath merriment...) it doesn't half make me pine for a good soak. This Aromatherapy Associates oil can be used in the shower too, so I can at least pretend to be soaking my woes away.

Here's to a lush week ahead!


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