Saturday, 11 October 2014

This Week #18

All the hash tag posts, this week, it would seem, but I digress...
First of all, let me apologise. My instagram feed is full of my dogs! Well, I'm obviously not that sorry, I adore my dogs and I'm totally fine with being a slightly crazy dog lady. But I'll try to refrain from posting so much of them...

This week has been good - a solid productive week for which I am pleased although there is a sorry looking corner of our lounge what has been deemed the dumping area from our post-holiday sorting that needs righting. Why is it always one corner that gets so piled up? Like the mystery of socks and the washing machine.

It looks as though this weekend should be pretty mild - so I think I'll go start the day off with a nice crazy dog lady dog walk.

Have a great weekend!


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