Sunday, 11 January 2015

Calm It Down

If like me winter is really taking its toll on your skin, seemingly heightening sensitivity and wreaking havoc in general - take a look at these two calming products that I've been loving for keeping everything on the calm side...
I'm not new to The Body Shop skincare line, I love the Vitamin E and Camomile products and one of the first purchases I made was the Aloe Protective Serum.

This serum is more on the creamy side (as opposed to the more gel-like serums that are commonplace,) so keeps everything hydrated as well as calming everything in down; there is no fragrance, colour or alcohol in this to irritate already sensitive skin. 

It first saved my bacon (or my skins bacon...) when I was on holiday in September. It was extremely hot and my skin took a really bad turn, just feeling overly sensitive, redness increasing rapidly and luckily I had packed it (it's in a nice lightweight package, so need to worry about excess luggage weight here...) because this had my skin sorted within. The. Day. Completely amazing considering how much I did struggle with redness and sensitivity in the past. Since then I haven't looked back and picked up the  Aloe Calming Cleanser as soon as I got home.

The cleanser is equally lovely to use, just as cooling as the serum and it is a cream cleanser (my personal preference especially for second cleansers or 'skin' cleansers as opposed to make up removers or the pre-cleanse...) so really helps with my dry skin too. There is a set back, a tiny niggle. The bottle. 

It'd be great if this was in a squeeze tube or even a pump bottle, because if you're not careful you can end up with loads of product out as you have to effectively bang it like a ketchup bottle and then squeeze it out (the lengths I am going to to describe this is ridiculous, it's only a tiny setback - the results matter the most after all...) 

Asides from a bottle ramble the Aloe line has me intrigued and I think next on the list is the day and night creams...


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