Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Going Barefaced

Whilst I love applying make up, there are some days when there is simply no time to faff, or days when I just don't want to wear make up at all...
However there have been times when my skin looks a little worse for wear; namely down to medication I've been taking recently. So for days when I want to go barefaced, but still need a little bit of assistance in making my skin look its best, I've been turning to the Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer.

In texture, this feels quite powdery - which although I haven't tried it as a primer, I imagine it will sit well under make up. Whilst the texture is odd, once smoothed over it feels light and hydrating and doesn't leave any sort of residue feel to the face (which my Indeed Labs Nanoblur does.)

Once applied this really does 'blur' the appearance of fine lines, visible pores and reduces shine - but you're still left with a luminosity, I hate to say it but a 'lit from within' kind of glow, like you have been drinking plenty of water, going for brisk walks and eating salads. Not bad for the start of January, right?

I've even noticed, since suffering with a few blemishes, it kind of blurs these too. Whilst it doesn't reduce redness or indeed cover it, it does make it appear smaller - which is something I am more than on board with.

Have you tried any blurring products recently?



  1. I'd love to try a blurring product - I'm quite nervous about going anywhere barefaced, but think I need to take the step over to lighter bases. This definitely sounds like something I'd like to try - even if it's still under a light foundation...!

    Milly // www.mini-adventures.com

  2. Its definitely a good idea! I think a cc cream like the one from bourjois or a tinted moisturiser would be perfect with this. Still enough coverage, but very lightweight. :) x


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