Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello, 2015!

I've had this post loosely planned for a little while now; what subjects to broach first and what not...
But I think I'll start with - I hope your Christmas and new year celebrations were special, surrounded by loved ones and you all got what you wanted (not necessarily presents of course,) - I don't know about you but most of us came down with a bug so we brought in the new year with honey and lemon, in bed by ten and more than likely snoozing come midnight - and I'm completely okay with that.

I know January first is usually the time for clean slates, fresh diaries and good intentions but I can never muster up that sort of enthusiasm, but there is a good reason behind that. Most of us would of had a very indulgent Christmas and the days leading up to new years day, which kind of brings over a 'slump' or general lethargic mood that I can't shake off until at least the 7th...

It's something I'm also okay with. September for me is the start of a new year - no doubt from my school days, but I always find changes, goals or if you're that way inclined; resolutions are far easier for me to get excited about. Is it just me?

Not to say that I don't have any plans - I still want to look after my health, be kinder to people and the usual - but I'm not going to kill myself to lose x amount of weight or give up certain things - just to be healthier and kinder is about all I can muster up right now.

That being said one thing I did want to do was spruce up the blog - I finally bought a pre-made design that I adore, but let me know if you encounter any problems with the site and leave a comment down below. 

So, have you made any resolutions or are you feeling a little lack lustre like me?


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