Saturday, 20 December 2014

This Week #23

Gigantic instagram update, amiright?
I know I said in my last post that would be my last post of 2014, but I couldn't keep away from my internet space for very long...

So, I've had my operation and all went well - now I'm just navigating the tricky road that is recovery. A little tip, don't Google anything to do with your operation (asides from the NHS website, perhaps...) because you will see everyone else's horror stories and freak yourself out. 

A lot has happened over the past few weeks that I haven't done a standard 'this week' post for. Obviously, the operation. Plus all the little things like Christmas decorating (literally my favourite thing asides from wrapping presents!) not to mention I also lost my littlest widge, Wanda the hamster. It was a bit of a shock and it came out of no where which was obviously sad for us as she was a delightful little thing. 

We've all been pulling together to get stuff done around the house, with two of us fresh out of the hospital with operations its been pretty hard trying to do the simple stuff. Frustrating, but its kind of nice how we all tag-team the daily tasks.

I realise this post feels negative - but I am actually feeling quite positive about everything right now - I'm hoping 2015 will bring a little less pain a little more joy and a lot more fun than 2014...

Here's to an awesome weekend - and I hope you all have a very merry chistmas!


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