Saturday, 28 February 2015

Upping Your Brush Cleansing Game...

Call me a changed woman, but I'm really not falling for beauty related hypes these days. I've started to hold off from impulse buying, thinking thoughtfully about what it is I'm buying and also holding off for more reviews to see if it's worth the hype in the first place...

How does this relate to the title? Well read on...

Remember last year when everyone seemed to harp on about the Sigma brush cleansing gloves? And then the subsequent dupes, notably all over eBay? Well I didn't really get it. It wasn't an exciting product to me and so I just completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to January. I was purchasing some magnets for one of my palettes that needed a quick fix, and lo - this little beauty was in my recommended feed on eBay (yes, I'm a sucker,) and for the first time in an age - I gave in to that little hyper niggle. I wanted to see if these silicone cleansing mitts actually did improve the cleansing of my brushes.

The Brush Egg is essentially a mini brush cleansing mitt. All for a pretty reasonable 99p.

So far - I'm eating humble pie, this is one of those hypes I'd wish I'd given into a little sooner. With this I can give a much more thorough cleanse of my brushes without damaging them, without adding anything extra to the therapeutic yet mildly time consuming routine. The tiny size means it's perfect for travel too and doesn't look to unsightly hanging around in the bathroom.

All for under £1. Not bad at all.

Have you tried a cleansing mitt yet?


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