Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Give Yourself A Break...

I'm going to blame the school date system for this. Burn out. The slump. It's not quite spring, in fact it's still snowing. When can I buy pretty sandals and feel sane in the choice for doing so?

I've always felt September was the life-deciding month. Remember the days when your hardest choice was what new pencil case to choose from WHSmith? 

Because I've noticed the pressure people put on themselves at the beginning of a new year. They become obsessed how this year is going to be 'the one.' Well, great. Make it happen, if you can. But you're only human. And March don't half feel like one massive hump day before Spring...

1. Turn off your phone/computer/tablet. Just for an hour. You're allowed an hours break from internet stalking, online window shopping and that lark. Give your eyes a rest. 

2. Light all the candles! It's still snowing, in fact it's hailing as I type this. Burn all your candles right now and chill by the glow. I'm still using up my winter collection. Come to me, Pumpkin candle!

3. Have a treat. What floats your boat? I'm all over white hot chocolate at the moment. Throw some mini marshmallows on that and you've got one helluva companion for the next hour.

4. Read! A physical book or a magazine. It doesn't have to be a life changing page gripper. Just take your head out of your twitter feed.

5. Pamper! Do a face mask, have a quick manicure. Sort out your brows. DO YOU. Just chill out.

Because honestly, ain't nobody got time to be gung-ho all the time.


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