Friday, 20 March 2015

Make-up Stash Detox

For the longest time now I've had an overwhelming amount of make-up products. Like seriously can't quite reach because of the stupid malm dressing table drawer won't pull out all the way and I can't reach THAT mascara! It's been a long time coming, but I had to have a clean out...

Of course I want to add that I am seriously lucky to have been able to have such a mass clean out in the first place - I know that, I'm not a completely self-entitled wench. But for the longest time now I have felt the need to at least half my stash. Why? 

Expiry dates are the most obvious reason for cleaning out the stash and so I got rid of those bits first. Things that I haven't used in six months? Definitely in the bin too. Pieces that were in date, but I just didn't love myself were given to friends and family who I knew would love them and actually give the products the time of day, instead of sitting in my collection not seeing the light. 

From that point onwards it was laying everything out, separating out the bits that I use all the time, the most loved pile if you will, and working from there. What will I definitely use? 

Now don't get me wrong, I still have quite a lot of lipsticks, mascaras and eye liners (all in date, I want to add!) They are just non-negotiable; I switch these things up all the time. Everything else is more or less two of an item. Two eye shadow palettes. Two foundations. Two bronzers. So on and so forth.

I could easily say getting rid of over half my (slightly excessive, but not as big as some others, mind you!) stash has made not only getting ready much easier to navigate first thing in the morning, but it's also been a lot more happier of a process. Everything I have I completely love and use on a rotation, no sad powdered blushers give me side-eye because hello, dry skin that doesn't agree with them. No concealers that end up cakey after an hour. No love lost with single eye shadows as I pick up the same NARS eye shadow palette again and again because it has all I'll ever need and more. 

Instead, cream blushers that give a dewy finish are used and we totally get along like a house on fire. And the concealer I own doesn't go cakey and sits well on dry skin; actually doing it's job instead of drawing attention. And I still frickin' adore my NARS palette. Its a beauty.

And it can all fit into two make up bags. Score.

Have you had a make-up spring clean? 


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  1. I am planning a little spring clean of my make up! My dressing table gets messy so quickly that I definitely need to re-organise. I do this every 3-4 months and pass on unloved products to friends/ family and bin things that are out of date. It does make navigating my make up collection much easier! Well done you for halving your entire collection xx

    Ioanna |


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