Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Home Wishlist #2

Considering I used to do a wishlist post every week, it's been a while, right? 
Since my last home wishlist post, we've had a little time to re-think, actually purchased a few items - some different than planned, some what was originally intended.

The main change from the last post is that the sofa that we wanted has gone back to full price *stomps bratty feet* so until it goes back on sale we are considering the STOCKSUND from IKEA and as we will be in Bristol around April visiting family, we figured we could have a little test to see if it's any good - if not, just hope the Bryson goes back on sale by September (when we actually need the new sofa,) but in either case we will be buying the STOCKSUND footstool - regardless of what sofa we purchase. 

Do you know how difficult it is to find a remotely stylish touch lamp? One that isn't all chrome/cheap shade? In our bedroom, we only like touch lamps because a.) we have become so used to just brandishing our arms out in the dark to be able to have light and b.) err, lazy? Luckily I've seen quite a few on John Lewis but this pale blue number looks just the ticket!

I've never seen the point of magazine racks. I usually just keep my current reads stacked on the floor until I pass them along to doctors waiting rooms (I am that person!) but recently I feel the need to actually have a stylish solution for my magazine hoarding ways. This one from John Lewis looks frickin' lush and is pretty cheap too.

The main argument has been over the coffee table. Whilst I'd love to fork out for the various marble-top lovelies on the West Elm site, it's really just not practical for what it's actually being used for - and the fact we are both clumsy as hell contributes to why we shouldn't have one... Needless to say, it was easy to choose the NORNAS from IKEA, solid pine, which looks pretty good unfinished, but could later be painted/varnished etc when we get tired of it. It's also EXACTLY the right dimensions we need not to mention under £50. Frickin' score. This will definitely be coming home with us in April.

Last but not least, I need a new bin. This globe one from Urban Outfitters looks pretty good, non?

What's on your home wishlist?


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