Friday, 15 May 2015

Five Favourites

Er, long time no blog. I hadn't intended to go so long without blogging, but I just hadn't been feeling like putting finger to keyboard. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm still suffering from the post-election slump. Heh. Yes, I voted Labour. Yes I'm absolutely gutted...

Regardless, here are a few things that I've been enjoying over the last few weeks...
First up, a really dainty rose gold necklace from Muru - how cute is the little acorn talisman? I've been wearing it everyday and I've already got my eye on the crescent moon and the hamsa too...

Not that long ago my lovely boyfriend put up an IKEA RIBBA picture shelf/ledge. I was super happy, finally able to put up the Breaking Bad/Walking Dead prints we got from Funk Rush. We didn't know with the upstairs windows open it would create a massive crosswind and knock said frames off the ledge... It happened twice, breaking two frames. Eventually I just settled for putting one on the sideboard and one with a washi tape frame on wall. It doesn't look too bad right?

ER, HELLO YELLOW! Oh man, I was all set for getting a neutral stool, but when I saw the STRANDMON came in yellow? I caved. Its perfect for our space and goes well with our wing chair. Score.

I saw this little DIY of spray painting plastic dinosaurs gold to use for parties/weddings and general frivolities on Pinterest, but my best friend adores dinosaurs so it seemed like a perfect gift to send. I 'made' a few for myself and they are pretty awesome. A cool way to jazz up my cacti, for sure. 

This is still a beauty blog, right? I've been loving all of the summer colours. All of them. It kind of makes me wish I had more hands so I can wear them all at once, haha. My firm favourite is still the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in 'Wild Card' though. Such a pretty cobalt!

What's been rocking your world recently?


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